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Stop and Hear God’s Voice

When was the last time you were in a state of complete silence?

I’m thinking of the kind of silence experienced during a power outage in the middle of the night, a silence separating you from that faint buzz of electricity flowing through your house, a silence so profound that you notice—and it might even scare you a little.

Our world is filled up with noise, man-made dissonance, a cacophony formed from loud music, honking horns, machinery, angry words hurled back and forth and a plethora of other things.

We live in a noisy world where God hears each one of us even when we whisper. But do we hear Him?

For many, the noise is too much. The world steals their silence.

“Be still!” God says. He whispers it in their hearts. He shouts it from the heavens,

But they don’t hear.

Imagine a quieter world in the time when Noah lived. Even then, there was enough noise to distract God’s people from listening to Him. But Noah heard. Envision him standing still in a quiet place when God revealed His plan to destroy the man-made cacophony and start over.

Think of Abraham standing still in the silence beneath a vast star-filled sky.

“Can you count all the stars?” God asked.

Abraham heard when God revealed His plan to bless Abraham with many children and make him the father of many nations.

There are numerous examples in the bible of people hearing God in quiet places. Some sought Him in silence, while others, Jonah and Paul for example, were forced into silence—the belly of a whale, a desolate prison cell—where they heard God reveal His plans. Even Jesus, the Son of God, our Example, our Teacher, the Way that God wants us to live, went to quiet places to be with His Father to listen to Him.

God shouts to us today in our noisy world. He has a plan. He is working His plan right now as we live, and He is trying to get the attention of every man, woman and child on earth.

“Stop. Listen to me!” He says.
“Stand silent!
Know that I am God!
I will be honored by every nation in the world!”

(Psalm 46:10 TLB)

God has a plan for you. He wants to lead you away from the noise and eventually to a place where every sound is harmonious and pleasant, His Promised Land—Heaven. God knows the way, and He wants to tell you. So, follow the examples of Noah, Abraham, and Jesus. Escape from the noise. Find a place to be alone with God.

Do you hear Him?


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