It’s About What’s IN the Cup

Social media is buzzing this week about the Great Cup Controversy. If you aren’t aware, here it is in a nutshell:

Starbuck’s annual holiday cup is solid red this year. In years past, it was a red cup printed with “Christmasy” symbols: snowflakes, Santa, a sleigh . . . Some people are very upset because the cup is missing the Christmas symbols. They see Starbuck’s red cup as another attempt to remove Christ from Christmas.

When Dunkin’ Donuts saw all the hoopla over the red cup, they used it as an opportunity to promote THEIR holiday cup, a white cup printed with the red word “JOY” surrounded by wreath-like boughs of evergreen.

Gotcha, Starbucks!
OURS is about Christmas.

I almost never use this blog as a platform for my opinions, but, forgive me, this time I will.

It’s not about the cup, friends, but rather what is IN the cup.

Christmas isn’t about illustrations of snowflakes, Santa, sleighs or any other symbols merchants use to advertise their products. Christmas isn’t about the color of their cups or what is printed on them, or arguing about it. God created everyone with the freedom to choose—to follow Him, OR NOT. And as much as we Christians hate the commercialism of Christmas, merchants have the freedom to choose how they promote it.

BUT, as Christians we have that freedom of choice, too.

We have made the choice to follow Christ, and at Christmas we can honor His birth by “selling” Him, “promoting” Him and “marketing” Him to the lost.

How do we do that? By sharing what’s in our cup.

Jesus said, “And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.” (Matthew 10:42 NLT)

We can promote Jesus at Christmastime through our acts of kindness, gentleness and selfless giving. Our cups overflow with the goodness of Christ. They are bottomless vessels meant to be shared in ways that Jesus Himself would share.

I wonder: Would Jesus’ thoughts be occupied with Starbuck’s bright red cup missing its snowflakes and Santas, or would His priority be sharing what’s inside His cup?

Forget about what’s ON the cup, friends.
Treat someone to a cup of coffee this Christmas

(at Starbuck’s, or wherever)
and tell them about Jesus.


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