How To Build Up Your Relationship With Your Dad

Dads like to fix things. Maybe your dad is or was the kid of father who wanted to fix whatever got broken in your life. Maybe he fixed things just right. Maybe he fixed things too much. Dads sometimes go overboard with their fixing, but they do it out of love.

Human dads make mistakes. There are things that they can’t fix — although some might be reluctant to admit it. Dads are not perfect. They are a dim reflection of God’s image, intended to be Godlike in character but without the Godly power to fix everything that needs fixing . . .

So, you might ask, “Where is God when things get broken?” The answer is:


Throw together all the broken stuff: the tragedy, crime, pain and suffering, the tattered relationships, and you have a pile of trash so big that no human father could ever knock it down to make something good.

Our Heavenly Father breaks down trash
and turns it into sweet, rich soil.

Compost (n.)—Things thrown away, beyond repair, dead and dying; the remnants of destruction broken down and made new; ashes to ashes; enrichment for the soil; food for roots buried deep below the surface; the source of new life.

We see God’s compost in what human fathers (mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins . . . ) CAN do.

We see God’s compost in forgiveness when forgiveness seems impossible, in hugs and gentle words when hearts seem broken beyond repair, in acts of kindness, selfless giving, hard work, rebuilding, and in the restoration of shredded relationships. We see God’s compost in the tincture of time and the drying of tears.


Maybe your dad isn’t or wasn’t all that you want him to be. Maybe he tries, or has tried, to fix things too much or not enough. Maybe your relationship with your dad is in shreds.

Love him anyway.

Honor your dad this Father’s Day by applying a thick layer of God’s compost to the soil of your relationship.

Repair what you can.
Then trust God to fix the rest.


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