Thank You, Soldiers, For Preserving Our Freedom

As May ends we enter the season of American patriotism: Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day. In summertime, more than any other time, American flags decorate our porches and we remember our military personnel past and present. We thank them for preserving our freedom and we post maxims on social media: Support Our Troops; All Gave Some, Some Gave All; God Bless America!

And we go about our daily lives
not realizing just how greatly God has blessed us.

In the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, God gave humans a most valuable gift— freedom. He could have created us as His slaves and forced us to live as servants. But, instead, God blessed us with the gift of choice. He allows us to choose between good and evil, right and wrong. In the beginning, Eve made an unwise choice that reminds us that we are imperfect. Choosing wisely means choosing to obey our God, who loves and wants His best for us.

Sometimes (and more often these days), evil appears to win over good. We ask, “Why, God?” But if we dig deep enough, we will discover that bad things happen because of our God-given right to choose. Somewhere, someone chose to do wrong or made an unwise choice that resulted in a bad outcome. Our choices have consequences.

Our forefathers understood that freedom is worth fighting for and that is why they formed their military. They left their country to create a new one in which all men, women and children would be free to choose. The concept is not new. When God led His people out of slavery in Egypt, their freedom came with a price. They fought hard against armies and adversity to preserve God’s gift of freedom. They gave their lives to be free.

And that is what our military does today. Our men and women in uniform risk their lives to protect us from those who wish to take our God-given freedom away. They fight against adversity and provide aid when poor choices lead to bad outcomes.

Our soldiers are not forced to serve—they choose to serve. They recognize how precious freedom is, and they are willing to give their lives to preserve it.

They have chosen wisely. They have chosen well . . .

And that is why we honor them and SHOULD honor them,
not just on military holidays, but EVERY DAY.

Yes, God, please support our troops.
Please bless America.
Forgive us for our wrong and unwise choices.
Open our eyes to the value of freedom,
And help us to preserve your great gift.



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