Gear Up for God Sightings in 2015

© Copyright 2014 CorbisCorporationHere we are at the beginning of another new year. We don’t know what 2015 will bring, but we can count on this: God is with us, and He will guide us through this year with His infinite wisdom and love.

Last summer, I spent a week with a group of volunteers from Group Workcamps. One of the activities that week was to look for God sightings—those little ways that God reminds us that He is there.

We learned that God sightings are sometimes obvious, like a near-miss traffic accident when you let out a big sigh and whisper, “Thank You, Lord.” But more often, God sightings are so veiled in worldly things that you might miss them.

Have you ever been on a commuter train racing in one direction when another train passes going the opposite way? That other train is gone in a flash. But you know that you saw it; it was really there. God sightings can be like that. You have to keep your eyes open and your mind fixed on seeing them; otherwise they can pass by unnoticed.

Last month, I challenged you to perform secret random acts of kindness every day through Advent. This month, I challenge you again:

Beginning today and continuing until the end of this year, focus on God sightings and write them down. As the months go by and your list grows longer, think about how keeping that list is changing you.

God_sightingsGod sightings are never accidental. God designs them to impact your life in ways big and small. He speaks to you through them, makes you aware of His presence, teaches, and even reprimands.

 A God sighting can change your life.

So, keep your eyes open in 2015. Write down those God sightings, and see how God uses them to direct your paths.


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One response to “Gear Up for God Sightings in 2015

  1. Cecelia Lester

    God sightings (aka God moments) always refresh me and make me pause and think.

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