An Advent Challenge—Can You Do It?

challengeThis week is the start of Advent season—a time of reflection and anticipating the celebration of Christ’s birth . . . and to honor His birth I have a CHALLENGE for you. Will you accept it?

Readers, I challenge you to complete one clandestine, small act of kindness every day between now and Christmas Day. By clandestine, I mean SECRET. The object of this challenge is to not get caught or allow others to know that YOU were the one who committed the act. Can you do it? Will you? The prize is that God will know and reward you by filling up your heart with Christmas Spirit. And isn’t that better than any material prize?

 Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1.  Plug an expired parking meter
  2.  Leave a small treat on a coworker’s desk
  3.  Have a pizza delivered to your neighborhood firehouse with a note that says, “Thank you.”
  4.  Give a book to a child, anonymously
  5.  Send someone an anonymous letter of encouragement or appreciation
  6.  Brush off someone’s snow-covered windshield
  7.  Leave a front-row parking space for someone else—bonus if it’s on a rainy or snowy day!
  8.  Thank a veteran by sending him/her a gift card for coffee or a meal
  9.  Let the boss know when an employee gives you excellent customer service
  10.  Send a bouquet of carnations to your child’s classroom, one for each child and the teacher.

i-hearltly-accept-your-challenge-416x494Most people won’t accept the challenge or stick with it for the entire 24 days. Can you do it?

Here’s to an Advent season overflowing with kindness. Remember—God sees everything, so let’s make Him proud!



The theme for this FIRST week of Advent is HOPE.


For through the Spirit we eagerly await by faith the righteousness for which we hope.” Galatians 5:5 NIV

video by Rex Winz/YouTube


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