Life of a Christian Teen –Guest Post by Reaganne Goode

seniorportraitThis week I have the privilege of featuring a guest post by Reaganne Goode. Reaganne is a high school senior and one of the team from Group Workcamps who repaired my garage this summer. She writes here about being a Christian teen “outside of the norm.” I know that you will find her post interesting and enlightening. I have asked Reaganne to continue to guest post here, and I look forward to sharing with you the thoughts and opinions of this bright young woman.


Life of a Christian Teen

In a society full of kids who are doing things for the sole purpose of being accepted by others, it’s frowned upon to do what is outside of the norm. “The norm” for most teenagers today is a life full of alcohol, drugs, and sex, and if you choose not to affiliate yourself with these things you “aren’t living” or “you’re weird”. So, you might ask, what’s life like for the teens that do not decide to involve themselves with these things?

For those with a solid group of Jesus-loving, heaven-chasing friends, it’s a cakewalk. For those with lifelong friends who recently decided to live their lives according to their own will instead of God’s, it’s exceptionally challenging. As teenagers, we are constantly faced with decisions; college decisions, relationship decisions, athletic decisions, and maybe the toughest of them all, food decisions. We fear that if we don’t do what everyone else is doing that we may lose friends, popularity, or our own sense of pride. Personally, I believe that those things are temporary. Ten years from now no one will remember your high school social status, but that is something so many people fail to realize.

Growing up with a great family in a Christian home, I’ve always been pointed to God, although it wasn’t until a few years ago (when I was 15) that I decided to really pursue my relationship with Christ. Around the same time, people that I’ve grown up with since kindergarten were choosing to take different life paths. Unfortunately, I’ve parted ways with a lot of those friends that I was once so close to. You often pick up habits from those you spend the most time with so it is important to choose friends wisely. I have a great group of friends who love God just as much as I do. I spend a great deal of time with them, but I also have a group of friends that don’t choose to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. It doesn’t bother me too much, though. I love them just the same. My goal is to positively influence them with the decisions I make because I may be the only exposure to God that they have.

Being a Christian teenager isn’t always easy, but it isn’t supposed to be. Thankfully, the reward for walking in the light of God is so much greater than any worldly pleasure we may have to turn down today. What a blessing.

 by Reaganne Goode


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3 responses to “Life of a Christian Teen –Guest Post by Reaganne Goode

  1. Andrew

    That was a great post Reaganne thanks for expressing and being the voice of the teens that feel to much pressure to conform and stray from the word. I’m sure your a role model to a lot of teens in your area as you are to me.
    Andrew L

  2. Sue

    What a blessing it was to get to know you this summer. I pray that you will continue to love the Lord and stand strong in your beliefs. I pray that you will be an inspiration to all of your friends and that they will see your light shine for Him.

  3. I’ve tweeted and shared this post on Facebook. It’s inspiring to see a Christian teen staying true to the Lord. You’ve got a beautiful writing gift, and I know your words will have an impact on others dealing with peer pressure. God bless you!

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