If Innocent Hearts Ruled the World

510bbc7e43036e1e86212692ec341658The earth rumbles in turmoil.

Sand spills through the hourglass as time leads us toward Jesus —

coming for His children, 

gathering them up

with Him in the clouds, 

taking them to eternal life.



I wonder. What if God had created us to grow in strength and wisdom but allowed us to keep our innocent childhood hearts? Would Christians still flee to the mountains to escape genocide because of their faith? Would Russia invade Ukraine? Would missiles fly between Gaza and Israel?

“[Jesus] said,

‘I tell you the truth,

unless you turn from your sins and become like little children,

you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.'”

(Matthew 18:3 NLT)

Little children—innocent hearts— accept that God is real and that He loves them. They think about Him like this:

Little children around the world speak their hearts to God. They question Him and believe that He will answer:

What if children grew into wise men and women who ruled the world with innocent hearts?

What if?

The day is coming when hard hearts  become innocent again through Christ’s greatness and love. When that day comes, Christians won’t have to run to the mountains to save their lives. Armies will have no power when Christ invades all the countries in the world. And the earth’s arsenals will disintegrate in the light of His coming.

Be certain, children.

Be certain, all those with innocent hearts.

Jesus is near.

Peace is coming to rule the world.


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