Take it. It’s Free!


library2Last summer, I posted “Little Free Library—A New Way to Love Your Neighbors”. Today, my library is one year old and a blessing, not only to me but to those who use it.

Now, head on over to my other blog, Something to Write Home About, and read “5 Things I’ve Learned From my Little Free Library.” You’ll find a link that tells how you can have a Little Free Library, too!


I’ve saved the sixth and most excellent thing I learned to post here.


Yes, it’s cliché, but, oh, so true. God plants countless little freebies in the world for us to enjoy. Think about it. Every breath and every heartbeat is free. Colors, music, lavender-scented flowers, the juicy goodness of fresh-picked strawberries, hugs, kisses, heartfelt stories tucked between the covers of books—all of them are free gifts from God. But, His freebies go much deeper than those little things that touch our everyday lives.

best things in life are freeThere is His gift of life. Our very existence here on Earth is from Him. God gifts us with His love and forgiveness and faith, grace, mercy, and righteousness. We have the gift of a personal relationship with Him and the gift of eternal life through His Son, Jesus Christ—the best gift of all.

When I look at my Little Free Library packed with free books, I think of all the wonderful freebies God packs into my life. And when I see the contents of the library changing as neighbors share their favorite books, I think of God placing all kinds of new freebies in the world for me to discover.

Jesus said, “Give as freely as you have received!” (Matthew 10:8 NLT).

How have God’s free gifts inspired you, and what can you do to share His free gifts with others?


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