How God Answered My Prayer–Part One

I have an amazing answer to prayer to share with you this week.

Many of you know that I work full time as a freelance writer. Writers don’t earn a lot of money, but back in 2010 when this story begins, I was bringing in enough to pay all my bills and save a little. By the summer of 2010, I had saved just enough to have siding and a new roof put on my deteriorating garage. But then, that summer, cancer struck me hard. Surgery got all of the cancer, praise God, but I had been underinsured and was left was some huge medical bills. There went all of my savings!

So, I started to pray. Every day for four years I asked God to bless my finances so I could save enough to get the garage fixed. Several times, I almost had enough squirreled away, and then something unexpected happened and the money went elsewhere. The garage began to lean, the paint peeled, wood rotted, and the roof started growing moss. I hadn’t saved enough to fix it, still I clung to my faith and believed that God had a plan.

Fast forward to March of this year. I received a notice in the mail that a group of Christian teens and adults from Group Workcamps was coming to my town this summer on a mission trip to do rehab work to homes and other structures. Because of my ongoing medical bills and limited income, I qualified for their help. I signed up, and my team of four teens and two adults showed up last week. What a blessing they were. This is what they accomplished in less than five days.




An answer to prayer? Yes. But, God often gives us more than we ask for. That is His Grace. Not only did this team from Group Workcamps come and save my garage, but they provided the materials and labor for free! The garage rehab didn’t cost me a penny, and it allowed me to use some of my savings to pay down my medical bills.

Our God is an awesome God, and He answers prayer in the most wonderful and unexpected ways.

Next week, I’ll tell you in detail about my Group Workcamps team— six people you’ll want to know. Until then, keep praying, wait patiently in prayer, and trust God.


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4 responses to “How God Answered My Prayer–Part One

  1. An encouraging story, Jean, and an affirmation of God’s faithfulness. You’re a strong lady to keep your eyes on Him. I would’ve faltered more than once.

  2. Thanks, Jean!
    Numerous times you’ve hit on something going on in my life. Today is one of them so thanks for the encouragement!

    • I’m glad that you found my post encouraging Susan. Waiting for God to answer is so hard. I often wish that His timing was more in line with our own. Still, the plans that He has for us are perfectly timed according to His will. Stay strong.

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