A Little Help From Your Friends

en10jan40d_unknownImagine this: You and a large group of church friends are together on an outing. While your group is minding its own business and enjoying the nice weather, out of nowhere an evil army attacks. The strongest men in your group rush in to fight. Then, you discover something. As long as you, and you alone, raise up your arms toward heaven, good prevails. But if you let your arms drop, evil wins. Of course, you lift up your arms toward God.

After a while, your arms grow tired. They begin to shake uncontrollably aching to rest. If you give in, those brave men in your group will die. If you keep your arms raised high, then they will prevail and defeat evil. What can you do?

You  shout to your friends, “Help me!” They see your dilemma, run to you, set you on a rock, and then, standing on either side of you, they hold up your arms. Your friends hold on for as long as it takes, and because of their help—good prevails. Your group is saved from evil. You win! Praise God!

Far fetched? Not really. Something very similar happened to Moses and the Israelites during the Exodus. (Read about it in Exodus 17:8-16)

You see, sometimes God requires more than just our own strength to fight the enemy. He asks that we rely on other Christians to help keep our hands lifted up toward heaven.

Maybe you are in your own fight against evil today. Then, lift up your arms and your eyes toward God. Ask for His help. Whether you require prayer, emotional support, or service, God will bring others to meet your needs—and you’ll get by with a little help from your friends!

“I Will be Your Friend” sung by Michael W. Smith

Video by: Michelle Hawer

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2 responses to “A Little Help From Your Friends

  1. sharibarr

    Great devo, Jean. I need to remember this.

  2. Thanks, Shari. I tend to be an “I can do it myself” person, and I need to remember this devo, too!

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