The One Thing That Holds Us Together

My Grandma Lily was born 125 years ago. She’s been in heaven for quite a few of those years, but still, I remember sitting on her lap listening to stories of “the olden days.”

In 1889, the year she was born, most folks traveled dirt roads in horse-drawn wagons. Wealthy people were the only ones with cars.


When Grandma went to school, she learned respect and patriotism, and she and her classmates prayed together.

Saluting The Flag

When her family went to church, they showed respect for God by wearing their Sunday best and worshipping with hymns and prayerful reflection.


Faith in God was the cornerstone of Grandma Lily’s family, and she held tight to her faith all the days of her life.


The year Grandma died, this song was in the number one slot on all the popular radio stations in the country.


And the times….they did change.



The one thing that holds us together, generation to generation, is faith in God. No matter how much the world changes, God remains the same

yesterday . . . today . . . and always.

Nothing can change that.



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One response to “The One Thing That Holds Us Together

  1. sharibarr

    Love this, Jean. I’ve often thought the same thing about my own grandparents–how much they saw over their lifetimes. Nice to know there’s one constant.

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