If Spring Comes Veiled in Storm Clouds

Spring filled the air on that Sunday morning back in 1999. A gentle breeze carried the sweet scent of cherry blossoms, and vivid sunlight shone in the cloudless, blue sky. It was a soft Sunday, a day made for tender reflection.

My mom had just been admitted to a nursing home for hospice care, dying from a blood disorder. Her days numbered now, she quietly contemplated the season. “I’ve always loved spring,” she told me. “God is good. He knows exactly how to give us a fresh start.” We both knew that she was about to enter her own personal spring, a season unlike any here on earth—a fresh start in heaven.

Fresh starts, our own personal springs, don’t always come with gentle breezes and bright sunshine. Sometimes, they come veiled in storm clouds.

I spoke recently with a worried friend whose husband, in his late 50s, had just lost his job. I listened to an anxious friend tell me about her son who had left a good job, one with a pension and benefits, for a lower paying job so he could spend more time with his family. And last night, I talked with a grief-stricken friend who lost her husband a few days ago to cancer. Each of these is a woman of faith. Each is trusting God that the changes in her life represent a new beginning. Each believes that when the clouds lift spring will come again.

Life mimics God’s seasons. Winter comes before spring hitting us hard, leaving us cold. Winter lingers dark. But we know with certainty that spring will eventually come. It always does. It has since the beginning because that is His plan.

My writer friend, Diann Hunt, lost her battle with cancer last November. About a month before she died she sent me this message: “Healing here or in Heaven–either way, we win!!”

Maybe today you are waiting for a veil of storm clouds to lift and for God to reveal your new beginning. Have faith. Spring will come again. It might be different from any spring you have ever known. But spring will come.

“Winter is past, the rain has stopped; flowers cover the earth, it’s time to sing.” (Song of Solomon 2:11–12 CEV)
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2 responses to “If Spring Comes Veiled in Storm Clouds

  1. Beautiful post, Jean. I needed to hear this.

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