Happy Landings

Hello, and Happy 2014!

backAfter a long hiatus, I’m back. Thanks to those of you who noticed that I hadn’t blogged for a while and inquired about my health. I’m fine. I had my 3-1/2-year checkup in December, and I’m heading toward four years cancer free in June. (Praise God!) My absence was due to a very busy writing schedule. Many of you know that I am a full-time freelance writer. I was blessed with several big projects that kept me busy in the last months of 2013, and I published a memoir, An Issue of Blood—Facing Uterine Cancer with Faith.

So, now that I’ve explained why I was away, let’s think about a story that’s current in the news.

Imagine that you are on an airplane traveling from Chicago to Branson, Missouri. The trip is uneventful until you land. Then as the plane barrels down the runway, the pilot suddenly applies the brakes—hard. You smell burnt rubber. Something’s not right! You breathe a big sigh of relief when the plane comes to a safe stop. Then, after a few moments, you hear the pilot announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry to tell you we landed at the wrong airport.” You discover that the pilot mistakenly landed the huge 737 at a small airport with much shorter runways than Branson Airport. The plane stopped just short of the runway’s end. Had it not, it would have tumbled over an embankment and onto U.S. Highway 65.


God was there.

We forget, sometimes, that God always watches out for us. We get so consumed with life that our faith slides. We might even land in wrong places. Often, God brings us within feet of the end of the runway before He saves us. A wakeup call. A hint of what might have been. But God is good. He often stops us before we get hurt. He gives us another day to live and a fresh start.

We don’t know what 2014 holds, but God has a plan and it is a good one. Our landings might be rough, but with our eyes fixed on Him at least we know this: we have landed in the right place.


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