Signals From Heaven—Meet Me In The Hallway

Endless stairwayIn the “old days” (although they don’t seem that long ago), Grandma Lily and I enjoyed playing a game called “signals.” Grandma lived in the upper flat of our duplex, and a signal meant “meet me in the hallway.” We usually met in the hallway because we had something to tell or something to share. Sometimes it was a freshly baked treat or maybe a picture scribbled in prism colors on a piece of white butcher paper.

The element of surprise was not knowing which signal the other would use. We had three. There was the “knock on the pipe” signal where one of us would rap a metal object, like a spoon, on a water pipe common to both of our flats. And the Yoo-Hoo signal when one of us stood in the hallway and hollered at the top of her voice, “YOO-HOO!!!” But my favorite signal was the phone signal. It was a secret code that meant “Meet me in the hallway because I have something special to share.” One of us would dial the other’s number, let the phone ring twice, and then call back. When the other picked up the receiver she heard a voice whisper, “Meet me in the hallway.”

Forty years have passed since my Grandma Lily went to heaven. Still, there are days when I hear her in my heart calling out, “Yoo-Hoo” or rapping on the pipe or ringing the phone, just twice. But now, instead of meeting in the hallway that joined our upper and lower flats, we meet in the hallway that joins Earth with heaven.

Maybe you get signals from your loved ones, too, reminding you that heaven isn’t so far away.

Until that day when we’re together again, we can always meet in the hallway.


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