“An Issue of Blood”

largecoverThis is a post that I hope every woman will read. And men, you should read it, too, and share it with the women you love.

September is Gynecologic Cancer Month, and September 20th is Uterine Cancer Awareness Day. Until June of 2010, I paid no attention to all the annual September postings about the various forms of gynecologic cancers. But then I got uterine cancer, and that changed everything.

The symptoms of uterine cancer are subtle, and women often mistake them for menopause. That’s the problem with this form of cancer. It sneaks up on women and masquerades as something else. Do you know the symptoms? Might you be at risk? Awareness is the key to a cure. Uterine cancer, in most cases, has up to a 96% cure rate when caught early.

I’m on a mission to make women aware of uterine cancer. That’s why I wrote “An Issue of Blood—Facing Uterine Cancer with Faith.” My book weaves the risks and symptoms of uterine cancer with my own personal experience and the story from the bible of The Woman With The Issue Of Blood. How might she have dealt with uterine cancer in her time? I show readers how cancer changes lives and, most importantly, how faith in God can help cancer patients on the journey through diagnosis and treatment.

Please take a look at the book trailer below. Visit the links on Amazon.com, look inside the book to preview the first chapter and read the foreword about symptoms and risks. Then get a copy of the paperback or ebook for yourself or a loved one.

Jesus said, “All things are possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23). I know firsthand that faith makes it possible to confront cancer without fear, and faith creates strength and resilience. I have faith that one day there will be no more cancer. But until that day, God gives us the tools to make ourselves aware and to make the best choices for our health.

Help me to increase awareness by reposting this on your blog or otherwise sharing it with your friends. You just might save a life.

Book also available through Barnes and Noble.


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