Quiz—Which Animal is the World’s Deadliest?


Which animal is the world’s deadliest? The answer may surprise you. See if you can guess what it is?

This animal:

  • is a carnivore.9b46b76e28423d4a7a813ebd0b8e1774_L
  • has a bite that is annoying, but not very painful.
  • is responsible for more than one-million human deaths each year.
  • can drink up to three times its weight—in blood.
  • eats day and night.
  • hibernates.
  • does not have teeth.
  • spends its first ten days in the water.
  • lives less than two months.
  • flies.
  • has six legs.
  • is less than two-tenths of an inch long.

The answer is mosquito. Mosquitoes  kill more humans annually than any other animal on the planet. Especially in Third World countries, mosquitoes spread fatal diseases like, malaria, encephalitis, yellow fever, West Nile, and Dengue.


If you think about it, those tiny mosquitoes are responsible for deadly diseases like humans are responsible for sin. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve committed what seemed like a tiny sin. They disobeyed God and took a bite of fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. That one little bite brought death on the entire human race.

The good news is that just as God provides ways for humans to protect themselves from deadly mosquito bites He provides a way for humans to protect themselves from deadly sin. Jesus Christ.

The bible says: “Everyone was going to be punished because Adam sinned. But because of the good thing that Christ has done, God accepts us and gives us the gift of life.” Romans 5:18 CEV _________________________________________________________

Check out this great MSN video – Most dangerous animals in the world. _________________________________________________________

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4 responses to “Quiz—Which Animal is the World’s Deadliest?

  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I hadn’t realized that so many people died from mosquitoes.

  2. I didn’t guess it at first, but by the time I was down a few lines I figured it out. I’m glad I don’t live in a third world country where they are more serious. The mosquito is the carrier of heartworms in dogs where I live.

  3. Here, too, Janice. They are more harmful to pets than people. I’m not at all looking forward to them hatching soon. We’ve had a wet spring, and that always means more mosquitoes.

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