Say the Secret Word and Win!

In the 1950’s, comedian Groucho Marx starred in a popular television game show called, “You Bet Your Life.” Contestants answered questions to win cash prizes, and if they happened to say a prearranged secret word, they won even more.

“What’s the secret word?” became a trending phrase in American culture, and radio stations in almost every state offered their own secret-word contests.

My town’s radio station ran a daily morning show called, “EZ Money.” To play, listeners registered as contestants and picked up a weekly list of secret words at their neighborhood grocery stores. Then, every weekday morning at ten, they tuned to “EZ Money” and waited for their phones to ring. If someone got the call and said the secret word for the day, they won a check for ten dollars.

I was a kid playing in my room on that hot, summer morning, shortly after ten, when the phone rang; not our phone, but the phone in my Grandma’s upstairs flat. Instantly, my mother  knew that it was “the call.”

“Run!” Mom shouted to me. “Run as fast as you can, and tell Grandma the secret word is ‘soup!’”

So, I ran. I flew out of my room and up the stairs leading from our flat to hers. I shoved open the door and raced to Grandma, who stood, flustered, with the heavy, black receiver in her hand. She chatted with the radio announcer, trying to buy time. “SOUP!’ I said in a very loud whisper, allowing the secret word to rush from my lips.

“Soup!” Grandma repeated into the handset.

“That’s right!” the announcer agreed. “You’ve said the secret word and won ten dollars!”

Today, secret words still prevail in our society. They exist as words clothed in gossip, speculation, and fabrication. And people seem eager to share them. Strange, isn’t it, that these secret words spread so readily, and God’s Word remains hidden?

God’s Word is no secret. Millions are searching but haven’t found it, so it’s time for Christians to run. Run to those in need of God’s Word. Run as fast as you can, and share it! Maybe you’ll win a soul for Christ and give someone the prize of a lifetime.



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4 responses to “Say the Secret Word and Win!

  1. I remember Groucho and his ‘Secret Word’ so this brought back such good memories, and what a good way to weave this memory into sharing God’s word with others.

  2. Great story, Jean! I remember Groucho and this show. Do you remember the duck that would come down on a string? (I think I have the right show!)

    God’s Word isn’t a secret, but the many voices vying for our attention often make it difficult to hear. There’s much to say in favor of blocking out the noise and having quiet times with Him.

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