Plain Vanilla

I confess: I’m an ice-cream addict always in search of the perfect flavor. I eat ice cream almost every day.  I’ve driven thirty miles for a pint of Baskin-Robbins, and I’ve mourned for my friends in Ben and Jerry’s “Flavor Graveyard.” My GPS is programmed for ice-cream shops within fifty miles of home, and my calendar holds the dates when their flavors rotate. Yes, I’m an ice-cream junkie. When it comes to flavors, I like something unique like Spicy Chili Chocolate or Horchata Swirl. I rarely eat boring, plain vanilla.

So, there I was in an Aldi’s grocery store and desperate for ice cream, desperate enough to buy a quart of the only flavor they had: French Vanilla, $2.69. How good can this be? I wondered. But, like I said, I was REALLY desperate. If I had to hold my nose while I swallowed my daily dose of frozen delight, then so be it. I needed ice cream!

Well, friends, that evening I sat down with two simple scoops of Aldi’s vanilla. (I don’t care for all that stuff they put on top. It’s a waste of good sugar—the sauces, nuts, whipped cream, cherries—all they do is cover up the taste and texture of a fine ice cream.) I took a bite, and, oh my, it was the best ice cream I had ever tasted. Creamy, yet not too creamy, a sweet vanilla flavor in just the right amount, not too powerful, still strong enough to linger on the palate. Yes, that ice cream was heavenly, and just plain vanilla.

Have you ever thought that we  Christians can act like ice-cream addicts hunting for the flavor of our dreams? We pray to God desperately asking for the perfect answer to our problems; when maybe God’s answer is plain vanilla trust in Jesus, trust without all the toppings. The Bible says, “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusts in him.” (Psalm 34:8 KJV) Yes, trust in Jesus, plain, simple, but oh, so sweet. Sometimes it’s all we need.


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  1. Yes, Jean, you are right. It is all we need! 🙂

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