The Edge of the Mountain’s Shadow

My feet ached from walking the trade show. A whirlwind of activity had filled the past 48 hours, and by the time I settled into my seat on the plane, I felt ready to relax and watch the scenery pass by.

A cloudless late afternoon provided a view of Earth unlike any of my other flights. Golden sunrays danced on the plane’s polished wings. Patchwork fields passed slowly below us creating a quilt-like kaleidoscope of shifting, earthy colors. Highways stretched in long, slender ribbons across plains and disappeared into masses of hilly, verdant treetops. Then we soared above foothills and fawn-colored mountains stippled by snow.

Beyond the crest of the highest mountain, I saw it, the shadow of the mountain cast onto a golden flat expanse of land, a shadow so dark that it looked like a patch of night settled onto the earth. From the sky, I could see to the edge of the mountain’s shadow, but nothing more. It’s secrets stayed hidden in the darkness.

I thought: God’s kingdom is like a great mountain. He casts its shadow onto the earth and allows us only to see to its edge. Beyond the edge, inside the shadow, lie God’s secrets—why bad things happen to good people, where heaven is, what our futures hold, and so much more.

Slowly, we walk into the shadow and draw nearer to God. We climb the mountain. With His help, we achieve each steep wall and rugged cliff until, finally, we see His face. Then we stand with Him on the mountaintop, looking down at the shadow’s secrets revealed.

“Until the day breaks and the shadows flee, I will go to the mountain of myrrh and to the hill of incense.” ~ Song of Songs 4:6 (NIV)



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5 responses to “The Edge of the Mountain’s Shadow

  1. I love the flat Kansas prairie, with its green and gold fields and endless horizons, but there is just something about the majesty of the mountains that makes me feel that I’m in the presence of some of God’s greatest creation. They are so inspiring. Will be looking for your latest book for my grands!

  2. Thanks, Sherry! God bless you.

  3. Thank you, Jean. I needed this today! 🙂

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