Crooked Priorities

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy lately with writing assignments and tight deadlines. Too busy to blog, too busy to communicate with online friends, too busy to spend much quiet time with the Lord. In fact, I was so busy that I hadn’t noticed how much busyness had affected my priorities—until God set me straight.

I stood looking at weeds popping up in my neglected gardens when I spotted a big, yellow butterfly resting on a purple verbena. God and I have a special connection with yellow butterflies, so it caught my attention. It was then that I noticed a ruby-throated hummingbird sipping nectar from my red impatiens, bees pollinating the blossoms on my pepper plants, sparrows foraging on the ground under the feeder I had forgotten to fill. And God reminded me that He hadn’t been too busy to tend my garden.

I was so busy squeezing errands into a hot, June afternoon that I hadn’t noticed my car was almost out of gas. I pulled into a Super America to buy an iced coffee, and that’s when I saw the amber light winking on the dashboard and the gauge needle resting below empty. The next gas station was more than a mile away. Could I have made it that extra mile? Probably not. God reminded me that He wasn’t too busy to notice my empty gas tank.

A busy day almost made me miss a call from an old friend, someone I hadn’t spoken with in decades. We’ve been Facebook friends for a while, and he decided to call me to say, “Hello.” I’ve owed this person an apology since high school. God had put it in my heart through the years to apologize, but I hadn’t. Then, finally, God tired of waiting for me, and He nudged my friend to call. God wasn’t too busy to arrange an apology forty-years old, even if it happened on my busiest day.

The latest of God’s reminders came just yesterday. A maple seed had taken root on the west side of my house and grown into small tree almost as high as the roof. I hadn’t noticed until a neighbor pointed it out. Armed with my trusty electric saw, I planned to get rid of the tree. I tried to load the blade, but I couldn’t get it to lock. Frustrated, I said to God, “What am I going to do now? I don’t have time to mess with this.” Then, I remembered Jesus. “You were a carpenter,” I said to Him. “You must know what I’m doing wrong. Will you please help me to lock the blade?” I jiggled it a little, and snap, the blade locked into place. Jesus wasn’t too busy to help me, nor was He too busy to give His life for mine.

Sometimes we forget to put God first. Our crooked priorities get in the way. But God never forgets to put us first. He tends our gardens, fills our gas tanks, fixes relationships, and even fixes saws! God is good all the time. All the time, God is good—even when we are too busy to notice.



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7 responses to “Crooked Priorities

  1. How blessed we are…how faithful He is.

  2. Michelle Burke

    Thanks for these thoughts, Jean!

  3. Hi Jean –

    I love how God anticipates our needs and cares even about the smallest details.

    Thanks, you’ve given me inspiration for a couple of posts.

    Susan 🙂

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