Book Review: The I Believe Bunny by Tish Rabe

Meet The I Believe Bunny, star of a delightful new series from Thomas Nelson. When Little Mouse is in big trouble, Bunny is the only one there to help. But, he’s small and unsure of himself. What can he do? In desperation, Bunny prays. He calls on God to help, and soon he discovers that prayer works.

It’s never too early to help kids learn to act on their faith, and that’s exactly what The I Believe Bunny does. Best-selling author Tish Rabe creates a simple rhyming story that illustrates Philippians 4:13, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” The message is skillfully summed up at the end of the story without being didactic or preachy. Young children are sure to identify with Bunny’s child-like character and learn along with him that kids aren’t too small to put their faith into action.

Frank Endersby’s pastel illustrations, reminiscent of Beatrix Potter’s style, are soft and gentle making this a good bedtime read; however, they lack detail and may not hold some children’s interest.

The I Believe Bunny is a worthwhile addition to your child’s bookshelf. Together, you will read it again and again as you reinforce the idea of practicing faith in God. Look for the second book in this series, Sharing With You, available July 14.

The I Believe Bunny

I Believe Bunny Series
Hardcover, 32 pages
Ages 3-7
Written by Tish Rabe,
Illustrated by Frank Endersby
ISBN: 1400314763

Note: In coming weeks, more reviews of books published by Thomas Nelson.


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