The Man Who Recorded Every Minute of His Life

UnknownThere was a man who chronicled every minute of his life. I remember seeing a story about him on a TV news magazine years ago. When I thought of him recently, I went online hoping to discover what had become of him—but I found nothing.

He wrote in a journal every fifteen minutes, reporting about what he thought, what he observed, and even little things like bathroom breaks and drinks of water. A strange little man, a lonely man, his study packed floor to ceiling with leather-bound journals, his entire adult life packed into thick stacks of yellowing pages. He was elderly when the news magazine did the report. Certainly, he must be dead by now. What happened to those diaries? Likely, they are long gone, remaining only in the memories of a few who saw a television magazine report, and remembered.

Why this man chronicled every minute of his life isn’t clear. He was obsessed, obviously, mentally ill some would say. It was important to him that someone knew that he existed, and that someone would remember.


Someone did remember: God. He knew this man even before He formed him in his mother’s womb. God had already planned every minute of his life. There was no need to record it. God was there. He knew. The bible says that God chronicles our lives in His Book of Life—the only report that exists forever.

As we enter into this Holy Week of Easter, we remember another Man whose days were carefully recorded. We remember Jesus’ last days and those agonizing hours that He spent on the cross.

Jesus existed here on Earth and He died for our sins because God remembers us. He remembers every minute of our days, the good things and the sinful. He forgives us for our sins and loves us so much that He sacrificed His own Son so that we can live eternally in heaven. The Lord watches over everything we do now and forever. (Psalm 121:8). He remembers us and will bless us. (Psalm 115:12)

Let’s remember Him!


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The Sounds of Silence—Are You Listening?

One of my favorite quotes comes from the 18th century poet, Minnie Aumonier. She wrote, “There is always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.”

How true.

Our God, the Creator, filled the earth with sounds for people to hear, to contemplate with their hearts, but many of His sounds have since drowned, swallowed up by manmade cacophony. When was the last time that you sat in silence and listened?

When I asked myself that question, several memories came to mind.

One hot, summer afternoon, I sat outside at my patio table, writing, when I heard what sounded like a kid playing with a very loud slide whistle. I stopped  and listened. What was that? I heard it repeat several times, then nothing. The next day, I heard it again. Finally, my wondering led me to follow that sound. Where did it take me? To the zoo about a half mile away and the gibbons cage! Yes, gibbons—those cute little monkeys that hang around rainforests. I stood watching them swing and whistle, and I marveled at how God had given them a voice that could be heard for such a distance. I suppose the gibbons had been there all along,whistling, but my heart hadn’t been quiet enough to hear them.

And then I remembered the great-horned owls, the pair of them that spent the night in my backyard. I had almost missed them singing, the female in her low bass tone and the male, a tenor. If I hadn’t turned off the television and sat silently that evening, I might not have heard them. Their song came soft in the night, soothing any heart that listened.

When I contemplate silent listening, I think of the sounds of trains. I sometimes hear them late at night when I am trying to fall asleep. I hear their horns in the distance, two long blasts followed by a short and another long. They come closer, and I hear the clickity-clack of their wheels on the tracks. I listen until they disappear into the darkness.

We miss so much when we don’t stop and listen. Those sounds that travel from our ears to our hearts are God-speak sounds. . Some of what we hear might confuse us. Some of it might bring comfort or hint at an unknown destination. Like the gibbons, God’s voice travels across the miles turning confusion to clarity. Like the owls, He speaks softly in the darkness. Like the sounds of trains, His voice leads us out of the wilderness and toward an unknown, God-driven, destination.

When was the last time that you sat in silence and listened? Try it today; right now. You just might hear the voice of God.

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